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Bedrich Pasek VIII was born 1962 in Karlovy Vary of what was then Czechoslovakia to Bedrich Pasek VII and Jirinia Pasek.  Jirina was a school teacher. Bedrich VII was an engineer, working in the Chech's fledgeling nuclear program in the leeching process. When the Russians invaded Chechoslovakia in 1968, Bedrich VII, Jirina, Bedrich VIII and his sister Eva, as well as Bedrich VII's brother Jaroslav and his wife Marie they fled to Austrian refugee camps like Treiskirchen. Where they awaited to be acceptance by either South Africa or the United States.


In 1969, the United States accepted them, and the two families moved to Brooklyn, NY before settling in the Pittsburgh, PA. suburbs. Upon entering the United States, both Bedrichs Americanized their names to Fred, and that's the name they go by except amongst themselves, and the occasional trip back to the old country.


Bedrich VIII struggled early in school as he learned the language and fought a chronic problem that plagues him to this day, daydreaming. He graduated on time from Peters Township High Scool in 1980, and even managed to make a couple of honor rolls as English came more naturally.


After graduation, Bedrich VIII attended the University of Pittsburgh as an engineering student, but the party life proved far more appealing than studies, and he dropped out after his 4th semester with barely passing grades, and far too many classes flunked. In 1982, he moved to the Dallas, TX area and worked as a carpenter. Seeing the grueling work involved, he quickly returned to Pitt, this time focusing on a psychology major.


In the refugee camps, Bedrich's mother had entertained him by reading books such as The Last of the Mohicans and teaching him to read. Unfortunately, he was learning to read Czech. Once in the United States, his love of books was put on hold because of the frustration of trying to read stories in a language he was just learning. By the time he was in high school, he was a voracious reader, primarily of science fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy, even some of his sister's romance books when there was nothing else to read. But it wasn't until his last two semesters at Pitt that his love of writing emerged. When he wrote his first essay for an elective writing course, the professor was so impressed, she urged him to pursue writing as a vocation.


In 1984, Bedrich VIII dropped out again, only this time, instead of poor grades, it was the allure of nepotism. He went to work for his uncle's business in Victor, NY, eventually opening a branch office in Columbia, MD. In 1988 he met Barbara Tidwell, and they were married in 1991.


In 1993, he realized how much he had enjoyed writing. Ten years removed from any English classes, he set out to re-learn everything he'd forgotten, and to teach himself to write. He's written articles for various magazines, was a mamber of the Football Writers Association of America, and has been published in several topics, predominantly politics and social issues. In 2007, after writing two novels he wasn't happy with, he took a small premise from his initial attempt at a novel, and that blossomed into his first published work, Polarized.




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